SONY DualSense Wireless Controller Midnight Black PS5

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Product Description

The "Midnight Black" model is a sleek and stylish gaming controller that combines two different shades of black on the body, with light gray logos on the buttons, creating an image of space expanding into the night sky. This controller is designed to provide a more realistic gaming experience through its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The haptic feedback allows users to experience a variety of sensations in their hands through vibrations that change in response to in-game situations. The adaptive triggers change the resistance of the buttons according to what is being played, allowing players to feel the action unfolding on the screen.

Product Specification

The controller comes with a built-in microphone and headset jack for online chatting. It also features a Create button for recording and live streaming gameplay. The controller has a two-tone design with an intuitive button layout, a more advanced stick, and a redesigned light bar. It also inherits many of the features of the DUALSHOCK 4, but is tailored for a new generation of gameplay. The controller can be charged and connected using a USB Type-C. It also has a built-in speaker for high-quality sound effects and a motion sensor for more intuitive motion control in supported games. The model number is CFI-ZCT1J01.


The controller is designed for use with the PS5 system. To connect or charge the controller, use the USB cable included with the PS5 system. Please keep the PS5 system software updated to the latest version. Internet connection and a PlayStation Network account are required for live streaming. Note that the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features can be experienced with games that support this function.

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