SONY Access Playstation 5 Controller for PS5

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Product Description

The Accessibility Controller Kit is a customizable gaming controller designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing comfort and enjoyment for extended periods. This controller is designed with accessibility in mind, allowing it to be used stationary, without being held in the hand, on a desktop or wheelchair tray. It can be easily secured to an AMPS mount or tripod and offers adjustable 360-degree rotation for the most comfortable angle.

The Access Controller can be customized to meet your specific needs by adjusting the settings from the PS5 console. You can change button assignments to create up to 30 profiles, adjust stick settings, toggle long-press button states on and off, and disable buttons to avoid accidental presses. Furthermore, up to two Access controllers can be paired with one DualSense wireless controller to play together as a single virtual controller. DualSense wireless controllers are required for the initial setup of the PlayStation 5 system.

Product Specification

The Access Controller Kit includes the following items: Access™ controller, USB cable, 8 pillow button caps (attached to controller), 4 flat button caps, 4 curved button caps, 2 overhung button caps, 1 wide flat button cap, 1 standard Stick cap, Dome stick cap (attached to controller), Ball stick cap, 23 tags, Quick start guide, and safety guide. The model number of the product is CFI-ZAC1J. Please note that the design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

It's important to note that a DualSense wireless controller or PlayStation VR2 Sense controller may be required to enjoy certain game titles. The DualSense wireless controller is included with the PS5 system.

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